Terms of service


The shopping experience on decorachic.cl is easy and secure. In this regard, DecoraChic works with the highest standards of security and quality, ensuring that all user information registered on the Site is kept strictly confidential. On this site, you can use software and mobile applications at no cost to browse and, if desired, purchase the goods or services displayed. These can only be purchased by individuals over 18 years of age (adults) using any of the available payment methods on the site. Minors under 18 years old may use the site only through their parents or legal representatives.


Terms and Conditions

Every transaction, purchase, consumer act, and post-contractual relationship with SuperPoP SpA, Rut. 76.431.411-5 (also known as DecoraChic), whether physical or from any digital platform (website www.decorachic.cl, social media, third parties), are subject to and protected by these Terms and Conditions, in accordance with the current regulations in Chile regarding Consumer Rights: Law No. 19.496; Privacy Protection: Law No. 19.628; and the Circular of the National Consumer Service issued by Exempt Resolution No. 0184 of March 21, 2019, on Good Practices in Electronic Commerce, its Principles, Rights, and Obligations.

Anyone who wishes to contract with DecoraChic must accept these Terms and Conditions.

Any request concerning the application or interpretation of these Terms and Conditions should be addressed by letter or email to Mariajosé Durcudoy Mora, RUT 12.641.322-K, residing at Coyancura 2270 Of.801, Providencia, email: chic@decorachic.cl, from D|Chic.


Unregistered Customers

Each customer can make purchases from DecoraChic without being registered. However, at the time of contracting, they must provide their name, surname, identity card or Rut, email, phone, and address.


Registered Customers

Each customer can register in DecoraChic's systems by providing the following information: name, surname, identity card or Rut, email, phone, and address. After registration, they will be provided with a private and personal access code, enabling them to make purchases and access benefits and discounts.

Any customer providing personal data will be protected by the current legal statute on this matter in Chile (Personal Data Protection Law) and will be subsequently handled in these Terms.


No Right of Withdrawal

DecoraChic reserves the right NOT TO APPLY the Right of Withdrawal in its sales made through electronic means, as allowed by Article 3 bis, letter b) of the Consumer Law (Law No. 19.496) if it considers that exercising this right would cause expenses that the customer is not willing to bear. This is without prejudice to the warranties of products incorporated in DecoraChic's sales and services.



The prices, offers, and promotions displayed by DecoraChic may not be the same in all its stores or platforms.


Payment Methods

The payment methods that can be used for purchases are:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Webpay
  • Bank Transfer
  • Mercado Pago


Authorization for Sending Information, Offers, and Promotions

When the customer accepts the Terms and Conditions, they may authorize Decorachic to send them information, promotions, and offers. The customer can request the cessation of these communications whenever they wish.